People ask us this stuff all the time!

Q: What kinds of books do you need?

A: Gently used children’s books appropriate for children in grades K-5. Please see our wish list. We do accept encyclopedias, reference books or library discards. Books should be in good condition.

Ideally, we want popular, high-interest titles. We want books that will make kids want to read!

Q: What kinds of books would you prefer not to receive?

A: No adult books. We suggest you donate those to your local senior citizen center or local city/county library. Please no library discards.

Q: Where do I send the books?

A: Access Books
  10325 Orton Ave
  Los Angeles, CA 90064
OR please see our list of drop-off sites.

Q: Where does donated money go?

A: 85 percent of our funds go directly to purchasing books. We purchase our books at very reduced rates so your dollar goes far! We rely on volunteers to help sort, catalog and organize books, and help paint libraries. Our warehouse, truck and truck insurance have all been donated.

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