“I have learned that Access Books is a unique organization and I applaud the effort of you and your colleagues. Despite having no full-time paid employees, your organization’s effectiveness is tremendous…. As the representative of the 37th Congressional District, where these schools reside, I am especially grateful…. As we both know, Compton has been growing and improving in recent years. Donations from your organization have undoubtedly provided our youth the building blocks necessary to succeed in their future careers.”

—Laura Richardson, member of congress

“As our school staff and community engaged in volunteer work with Access Books, not only did the school strengthen and build stronger relationships, but it also made a deep impact on the quality of campus life for the students at Miles. Students arrived to school the following Monday to see beautiful murals and tons more books lining the library and classroom bookshelves. It was a windfall of resources that can only translate into years and years of establishing lifelong learners.”

—Pamela Robertson, principal, Miles Avenue Elementary


“Books should be an important part of every child’s life. Unfortunately, not all families have the resources to purchase books or even the time to read to their children. That is where schools must make up for the deficit. Thanks to your organization, our school’s capacity to meet the needs of our students in terms of providing a wide variety of books for our library, and also adding to our classroom libraries, is helping us meet that challenge. Teachers can now put books into the hands of their students and send them home to be enjoyed by their families.”

—Kathi Hannum, principal, Independence Elementary

“Harrison Elementary has made a commitment to become the highest performing elementary school in Los Angeles. We have begun by showing the highest gains in City Terrace…however, our progress is limited by the quality and quantity of the reading material available to our students. Your donation of 10,000 books directly addresses our needs. My students now have access to the books they wanted but I was unable to provide.”

—Isaias Martinez, principal, Harrison Elementary


“The entire experience had such a positive effect on those who were present that day. It brought out a true sense of community and warm fellowship. There is much to be said about the volunteers that were present. It warmed our hearts to see so many children that were willing to give up their Saturday to volunteer at our school. Our success that day was due to an exceptional group of talented volunteers.

Everyone at Access Books is to be commended for their generosity. We feel that Access Books is a wonderful organization and thank you for allowing us to benefit from all that you have to offer.”

—David Bell, principal, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary


“I was thinking about how I could possibly write a letter that would convey my thanks and appreciation for all that Access Books has done for our school. I don’t think I’m articulate enough for the task! Those on staff who were present were buzzed on the excitement and good feelings the day brought. Teachers expressed the desire ‘to do this every week.’ The kids, I know, had a great time creating and interacting. I was so jazzed that I had a hard time falling asleep on Saturday night—and I was tired.”

—Marion Levine, principal, Horace Mann Middle School

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